Times of uncertainty

With the outbreak of COVID-19, we feel a lack of stability and a plaguing attitude of scarcity. We created this newsletter as a way to organize some resources and provide tips on how to move through this discouraging and puzzling time - at a distance. Slowing down gives us time to rest and reflect. Have faith that opportunities are rising from this crisisWe hope you will reach out and share some of the things you're doing to keep the peace in your circle. 

Start a neighborhood chain-mail

Checking in on our direct neighbors is a great way to create a small cloud of comfort within your community. It's simple: write a small note and leave it on your next door neighbor's doorstep.

It could be a note of encouragement, support, ability to deliver necessities for the sick or elderly, or simply offering conversation during this isolating time. At the end of the note, suggest to your neighbor to pass on their own words or services to the next house if they're able. 

Example: "Hello! I live next door at house 3434. My name is Ally and my number is (888)-888-8888. I'm reaching out to offer you support in this unsettling time. If you need any toiletries or food, I'm of able body to deliver them to your doorstep. I'm also free for phone calls if you need a listening ear! If you can, pass on your own note to the house to the right so we can spread some encouragement. 


Buy local now more than ever

Check in with your favorite local and small businesses to see how they are handling the COVID-19 pandemic. 

If their doors are closed, reach out and ask how you can help. You could donate what you spent there last month, or grab a gift card online.

Our money creates the world we wish to live in. 


Looking to volunteer help?

Looking to receive Help?

Looking for kid's school meals?

Looking to stay informed?

  • Knock a few books off your ever-growing list
  • Dive into areas of your work you are able to
  • Plan a gathering for when this passes
  • Detox from technology
  • Play strategic board and card games with family or friends
  • Download phone applications like Headspace, 10% Happier, and Sanvello for meditations and advice on mental health
  • Virus Anxiety resources: here
  • Embrace slow movements
  • Practice a few new recipes
  • Incorporate micro-greens, ginger, garlic, and turmeric into your diet
  • Do simple at home workouts
  • Free yoga online
  • Get more sleep
  • Reduce your sugar intake
  • Watch a comedy and belly-laugh
  • Take walks periodically outside or open a window
  • Feel the sun on your skin when weather permits
  • Go outside and craft a living centerpiece to brighten a room
  • Disinfect your space
  • Declutter with spring cleaning
  • Call your family and friends
  • Turn up the music
  • Paint or draw 
  • DIY projects
  • Revisit your New Year's resolutions and check in
  • Create a gratitude list
  • Volunteer

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